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When relapse occurs, the person addicted returns to their original behavior after a sustained period of abstinence. Statistics show that those suffering from addiction have a 40%-60% chance of relapse at some point. Preventing relapse is a large part of any credible drug or alcohol treatment program. Albuquerque Addiction Rehab goes above and beyond in this department.

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3 Stages

There are three essential stages of relapse you should know about- emotional, mental and physical. Let’s examine each one below in more details:

  • Emotional – This relapse is the initial, unconscious phase. The person trying to recover has no thought or ideas about relapse, but the social and environmental triggers are extremely present, causing them to cling to the emotional and psychological state of the patient. These cues are setting the scene for a relapse. Signs and symptoms that this stage is getting near include anxiety, anger, isolation, mood swings and insomnia.
  • Mental – This part of the stage is troublesome. Abrupt emotional outbursts suddenly influence mood and behavior, and soon the addicted patient starts to contemplate using again. Remembrance of using in the past enter the person’s head and the idea of “one last hit” come to the mind. Isolation and worried thoughts occupy the brain at this stage and it is vital the patient get help as soon as possible to address these thoughts before they are carried over into actions.
  • Physical – The final stage is the physical act of relapsing. Once the person has resumed to their old habits, there is a very noticeable period of heightened pleasure and excitement. The progression of the disease, however, will swiftly become evident and the patient’s behavior will possibly become aggressive and defensive.

Albuquerque Addiction Rehab offers exceptional treatment and prevention techniques for the patient, giving them the necessary skill-set to detect warning signs and utilize techniques to sustain them. The resources obtained are facilitated to guide the patient to get help, go to meetings, find a sponsor and get continued counseling even after their treatment program is complete. We offer a variety of different therapies such as yoga, music, art therapy and theater.

Our overall focus is to provide successful intervention after relapse and to get the patient the care and understanding they deserve. The sooner you sign up for our treatment facilities, the sooner you can be on your way to a healthy and advantaged life.

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