To Try is to Overcome

Posted: November 14, 2015 by

Overcome Addiction


Drinking is my weakness, and it is definitely what makes me happy. With alcohol, I have found my so called lifetime partner. Yes, alcohol has been my obsession. When I feel miserable, alcohol makes me whole again. When I feel delighted, alcohol heightens the excitement that I am feeling. I am in love with the feeling that I get every time I take a few sips, an indication that after an overloaded week, it is a time for me to loosen up, get along with my friends, and simply enjoy an extra-ordinary day. It just seems so right to have a drink, and forget the real world for a little while. What a wonderful place to live in.

But what makes me decide to stop alcohol? Believe me, I asked myself this question countless times. What have crossed my mind? Why would I stop doing the thing that makes me undeniably ecstatic? Then suddenly, I came up with the conclusion that I wanted to do it because I am not sure If I could. But how could I manage not to drink even just a little? Will I survive? The mere fact that I do not really know how to do it led me to come up with a determination to at least give it a try. Give myself a chance, a chance to make change, an opportunity to set things right.

The once impossible for me has now become an amusing surprise. It turns out to be less complicated. A lot easier from what I thought it would be. While it was not that troublesome for me to live a life that excludes alcohol in a broader sense, the toughest part was the beginning junctures at social gatherings. Seeing that everybody is drinking is such a hurtful reflex. I thought I would not be bothered. I thought I will not be stirred. It feels like there is someone murmuring, that petite voice who kept on telling me that it was the time to celebrate, the time to have a shot and relax, an instruction to violate my decision – to stop my drinking habit.  In that very moment, I reminded myself that I can do it. I should have to be consistent. After all, I survived the test. It was an accomplishment for me.

Excluding alcohol in my every day journey made it uncomplicated for me to appreciate all the simplest of things, and pay closer attention to what really matters. Giving up alcohol made it easier to give up other things which are irrelevant and useless. Now, I can see myself in a different light. Change is definitely possible.

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